Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should we use Go 4 Satellite vs another dealer?
  2. What is the best system to install in our hotel / motel?
  3. Do I need to replace my televisions?
  4. Do I need Pro:Idiom Televisions or Commercial grade televisions?
  5. What is the process and time that it takes to upgrade our system?
  6. Who installs our new system,you or a third party contractor?
  7. What if i have a dealer but have not heard from them or Iam not happy with the service they have provided?
  8. Do we have to sign a long term contract?
  9. Who do i call to get started and who do i depend on upon completion of the installation?

Answer 1:

Go 4 Satellite is a servicing dealer, unlike sales operations that have no installers or techs we can sell, install and service our own systems.We provide same day service for most crictical issues as we understand revenue streams are affected when television has issues.


Answer 2:

There are a lot of factors that determine the best system to install, we need to match your facilites exisiting hardware and televisions with the most compatible system that gives you the programming you require. Costs between different systems vary and we will give you the cost options up front to make a good financial dexcision. We can also offer a financing option through a DIRECTV approved vendor.

Answer 3:

In most cases no its not necessary. However, Standard Definition TVs will become a thing of the past. If you currently have old CRT TVs, then you need to take into consideration when determining the type of new system you wish to install.

Answer 4:

If you are using a rack or COM2000 solution, the HD signal must be encrypted at the television and Pro:Idiom is required. The DIRECTV Residential Experience system does not need Pro-idium TVs. It is important to note commercial grade televisions give you a warranty and setup options. If you purchase residential televisions at a local store, the warranty is limited or non-exisitant if used in a commercial setting.

Answer 5:

First we will dtermine your needs and brand standards, do a preliminary proposal to determine budget, then a Site Survey to determine hardware needs, next a final proposal, then installation. The entire process if done correctly can take as little as 2 weeks to 30 days. Most installs can be completed in 5 days, but that can increase as number of rooms increase.

Answer 6:

Our staff will always do our own installs and service. We are licensed and insured. We can provide all the installation knowledge you require.

Answer 7:

If you currently are assigned to a DIRECTV dealer that you have not heard from since your original install and aren't happy with service provided, a DIRECTV dealer transfer can be requested from DIRECTV and once approved a new dealer can service your property.

Answer 8:

A contract is required to receive subsidies for equipment or discounts on programming costs. Based on the system required, the contract term may vary.Ask your sales representitive for all details before ever signing any contract.

Answer 9:

Call us at 954-520-9264 or 1-800-724-1101 to speak to our staff about your property. Furthermore, you will deal with us directly. Anytime you have a question or issue, call us! We are here to help!